Our clients are each photographer who believes they can show us the world with their cameras.

A photographer doesn't have to be a pro in order to submit their photo here!

However, a photo must be at least
2700 x 1800 in resolution
and ~ 2 to 40 m.b of size

Make sure you do not have any stamps/watermark on your picture.

Send your photo including the following personal information:

Full name:

City - Country:

Date of birth:

Years of experience: Which means how many years you've been a photographer?

Upload your picture in high resolution and attach it as a single file in the following extensions: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and BMP only.

Send your information including the picture to team@projectacel.com

Prize Pool


Contest Rules

Each month starting from April 2017 prize pool will be awarded to a photographer with the best shot uploaded here.

Prize pool:

50,00 € Voucher